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Rob Cavallo Music Pack – “Gritty Noir Riffs”


Raw, organic rock & metal. 16 original tunes. Gritty Noir Riffs Music Pack. Unleash the untamed energy.
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Introducing the “Gritty Noir Riffs” Music Pack, a collection of 16 original instrumental songs that will transport you to a world of raw, organic rock and metal music!

Each tune in this pack is carefully crafted to deliver a palpable, human touch that sets it apart from the artificially generated music you often hear. You can almost feel the energy and passion of the musicians as if they were playing live in front of you. With every note, you’ll sense the authenticity and the absence of a rigid metronome, allowing the music to breathe and flow naturally.

From the edgy, rebellious vibes of rock to the powerful, relentless energy of metal, “Gritty Noir Riffs” covers a wide range of genres, ensuring there’s a tune to match your desired atmosphere. Whether you need intense, driving rhythms or moody, atmospheric melodies, this music pack has you covered.

Don’t settle for generic, soulless tracks. Embrace the raw, organic sound of “Gritty Noir Riffs” and infuse your projects with a genuine, human touch. From films and video games to commercials and YouTube videos, these 16 original songs will add depth, emotion, and a sense of gritty realism to your creative endeavors.

Bid now and take your projects to the next level with the “Gritty Noir Riffs” Music Pack. Feel the power of music that is crafted by humans, for humans, and let it unleash the untamed energy within your creations.

Number of Audio Wavs: 16

Number of Audio Cues: 16

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.100

Does music loop: No

Minutes of audio provided: One Hour

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

1 review for Rob Cavallo Music Pack – “Gritty Noir Riffs”

  1. Sam

    This is an amazing pack of music! Thanks a bunch!

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      01. Matrix Resurrections Unofficial Theme Unofficial

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      02. Boba Fett Theme Unofficial

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      03. Multiverse Spider-Men Unofficial

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      04. Jurassic World 3 Dominion Unofficial

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