What kind of music do you compose?

"Picture Gerswhin duelling with Bach, Ennio Morricone having lunch with Metallica , AC/DC getting drunk while partying with Beethoven, John Williams gives his music sheets to a dark jazz combo. That's what I do, I mess around with music."

What band are you currently producing?

"The band is called Heavy Wood, a quite unique italian-american project that screams international potential."

What is music that works in your opinion?

"To me music has a direct link with jokes. If the joke doesn't make you laugh, then it's not working. Same with music, only instead of laughing you can move listeners in other ways."

Why is mastering so important for you?

"Say that you and some folks made a record, and you took 4 months to do it. Then if you do a lousy job on mastering it means you have completely wasted 4 months of your life. That's how important it is for me."

You were already into rock music by age 6, then a soundtrack lover at 9. How did that happened?

"My cousin brought 'rock music' in the house when I was 6, all my older brothers were excited about it, so was I. Plus, back then, Spaghetti Westerns were aired pretty often in Italy, and I couldn't resist Morricone's scorings either. Also I loved Alan Silvestri's Back to the Future, and all of Mike Post's TV Series scores."

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Heavy Wood Youtube Channel

  • "Rob Cavallo's notes worked like a glue for my entire film. Pure magnetism. His music doesn't sound, it speaks."

    Francesco Domenico D'Auria (Director).

  • "Unlimited creativity, unpredictable and never corny."

    Tony Bellardi (chitarristi.com).

  • "Rob’s music is characterized by a beautiful combination of western music intertwined with eastern tones, giving it a unique color."

    - (Producer)

  • "Rob’s writing and arranging made me want to start our project together..."

    - Nate Kantner

  • "Rob’s music production is complex and brilliant..."

    - Italian Tef Channel